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Eliquid Review: DuMaurier from CDNVapor

100vg eliquid. 


Vape setup: BCC tank, mt3, vision eternity, lr 510 atomizer @3.4v-5.0v

Aroma: Just like dirty tobacco. Exactly like DuMaurier.

Flavour: Strong tobacco flavour and very reminiscent of DuMaurier

Vapour Production: A great amount of vapour. A little too strong for me with the throat hit so works best for me at a lower voltage.

Overall: I was expecting a generic “tobacco” vape so I was surprised with the taste. It does remind me of a similar eliquid that I had ordered from China, but I can’t compare at the moment. Good tobacco vape if your looking for a dirty nicotine fix.

Score: 10 out of 10.

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