First Look: KTS (ggts clone)

Purchased from

Priced @ 34.99cdn as of April 2013

What you get:

1 – KTS telescopic

Shipping and Delivery:

Ordered late Saturday night and received order on Tuesday. Quick shipping from CanVape as always and well packaged.

Quick Note:
This is a GGTS clone. Canvape lists the KTS as the KTS (ggts clone) along with other vendors. Anyone who lives and vapes would have come across a fellow vaper talking about the GGTS. Check YouTube or any ecig forum and there was will be countless posts. The REAL mod was concieved by Imeo in Greece. He has meticulously designed and refined the GG along with countless other mods. So why am I mentioning the GGTS? I wanted to point out that although the KTS is a clone of the GGTS, it is the basic concept but there would be nothing more in comparison with the GGTS. It is in a class of its own. Just like the Provari or the Precise. Take what info you would like from this review and feel free to voice your opinion. The KTS is a mod that resembles a GG and that is where the comparison ends for me.

First Impression:

The KTS has a shiny chrome finish. It is an all brass, chrome plated mechanical mod. It definitely has some heft to it, but is surprisingly small in stature.

Comparison of the KTS and eVic in its 18650 battery configuration.

On the outside, there are no dents and it looks quite solid to hold without anything looking out of place. The top cap has 4 slits for airflow when using tanks and the 510 connections sits flush with the top.

Breaking it down:

The KTS has the top cap, top sleeve, bottom sleeve, bottom tube with the switch and the end cap. The switch is all mechanical and can be disassembled fully, haven’t figured that out yet. I find that the top cap, bottom tube and end cap are significantly thick pieces of brass. The sleeves are relatively thin and I feel that it will bend quite easily.

Safety Features:

The are 3 vent holes on the base of the top cap where the positive end of the battery goes and another 3 just above the switch. You do have the option to use a 2 cent fuse for added safety.


This is a telescopic pv which allows you to use various batteries to suit your preference.

1 – 18650

1 – 18500

1 – 18350

Addionally with the purchase of an extended sleeve, you can run the KTS with the Kick but I opted not to get this so I can’t comment too much about it.

So far, the KTS feels solid. I will have to give this a few more days, but for an all mechanical mod its pretty brilliant.

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