The Phoenix (bully 2) Rebuildable Atomizer


Purchased from @ $7.99CDN

This rebuildable atomizer is from Jugheads from Alberta, Canada. The phoenix has a 510 sealed threaded connector. The bottom cap of the Phoenix has nice thick threads that make it easy to unscrew the body of the atomizer. There is a black o-ring at the base of the threads so that they meet with the top piece – this helps seal the eliquid in. The 510 connector is flush with the threads.


As part of the base – you have two posts, wick and coil. Thankfully, I took pictures before I started using the atomizer – makes it a bit easier when I eventually rebuild this. The Phoenix came in a green plastic wrap, similar to this ego-c mouthpiece. I certainly was not expecting that.


The design is really simple, inside and out. It reminds me a s slightly bigger version of a 51- atomizer. It is light and it works right out of the package (if you fortunate enough to get a working atomizer). I started dripping with 4-5 drops of eliquid than continued topping off 2-3 more. It took an initial 12 minutes of chain vaping to break in the atomizer.


When it comes to a rebuildable atomizer, the performance of the atomizer is really going to be base on how well you build it. I will venture in to that territory soon enough. Most of my opinions will be on the usability and issues that I have run in to. the 510 threads has a sealed flat connection. This is fine for me as I dislike the way other threads scratch the battery connector. Overtime, the flat face of the thread will move inwards, causing the atomizer to lose contact with the battery. What I have been doing is grabbing a toothpick to push the plate down. That seems to resolve that issue but not permanently. It does become an added aggravation.


After a vape session, I have noticed that you really can not leave too much eliquid in the atomizer. When the Phoenix sits up right the eliquid will ooze out from where the threads and body meet. When I have the atomizer on its side, it will than leak through the air-hole. That makes me wonder how well the o-rings work.

In the end, the Phoenix is a rebuildable atomizer first. It is certainly not the best out there. The atomizer leaks and is not pocket or bag friendly but for the price it would be a shame not to get it if you plan on trying rebuildables.

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